HomeFlash is a revolutionary sill pan flashing system, engineered to solve the damaging effects of water infiltration into a wall assembly. With changing National and Provincial Building Codes, HomeFlash offers state-of-the-art sill pan systems that are engineered and tested to help eliminate moisture failures and exceed the performance of self-adhering membranes or molded PVC products.

HomeFlash isn’t just a product. We are a trusted partner that you can rely on. Check out our 3D render video below.

One-of-a-kind product

Solutions for every client

Home Builders

Get piece of mind knowing that the windows or doors you’ve just purchased are up to code, won’t leak, and will maximize the energy efficiency of your home.

Window Manufacturers

Eliminate the worry of fines and work stoppages, and potential lawsuits, knowing that the integrity of your building envelope is fully code compliant.

Home buyers

Protect your brand and your business, by maximizing the energy efficiency of your installations, and even have your logo printed on the membrane to prominently display your brand.

Savings Calculator

Even though it exceeds energy efficiency standards, is fully Code-compliant, and is far superior than peel, stick and staple membranes, HomeFlash costs are almost the same. Use this handy calculator to see how much you’ll save.
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