Frequently Asked Questions

NO, HomeFlash is one piece construction, no lapping seams or primers.


HomeFlash meets or exceeds several ASTM standards specific to sill pan testing.


No, HomeFlash requires no primer ever.


HomeFlash Inc. does it all; procuring raw products, direct sales, manufacturing and installation using in house technicians.


Approvals have some value but have not proven to prevent failures.


No need for a sub sill starter strip with HomeFlash. It’s built into the one-piece design.


HomeFlash is a warm or cold weather application (-20c / 30 c).


It is virtually impossible with self-adhering products but, HomeFlash has a built in insulated sill.


HomeFlash has a closed cell foam air barrier reducing through-wall air flow


HomeFlash has designed a sloped sill into the system for positive drainage simply and effectively.


Yes, HomeFlash’s one-piece design is easily molded to any RO.


HomeFlash will certainly lower labour costs as it takes only seconds to install.


HomeFlash’s closed cell foam offers a self-sealing design.


No seams with HomeFlash. 100’ continuous rolls cut to fit any size window or door.


HomeFlash has been tested to several ASTM standards SPECFIC to sill pan performance.


Yes, HomeFlash offers a connection point via the foam back dam.