Sill Pan Flashing – For Home Buyers

If you’re purchasing a new home, you’d want to know that it was built right the first time and to building code. The code is specific, avoid costly repairs, structural damage, mold or renovations in the future. Moreover, you’d want to know that your windows a reaching top performance, making your home energy efficient and saving you money.

If your builder used HomeFlash sill pan flashing system for installing your windows, you can rest assured that your home was built to comply with the latest codes. According to Alberta law, all windows should be installed using a system that:

1. Has an outward slope of at least 6%;

2. Be in a continuous piece

3. Extends at least 6 mm beyond the underlying covering;

4. Prevents water from entering the walls to the lower corners of windows and doors.

HomeFlash meets or exceeds all of these requirements to preserve the integrity of your home, from the ground up. Additionally, our products are superior to old membrane technology, are government tested and are cost efficient.

Ask your homebuilder if your windows were built to code. Not all homes are built following these regulations and government inspections do not always look for code compliance.