The Product

Product Description

HomeFlash is a revolutionary sill pan flashing system, engineered to solve the damaging effects of water intrusion into a wall assembly. With changing building codes, HomeFlash offers a durable state-of-the-art sill pan system tested to help eliminate moisture failures and exceed the performance of self-adhering membranes or molded PVC products. HomeFlash is uniquely engineered offering a year-round install, positive sloped sill, moisture barrier that is truly seamless and insulated. Adding to the physical properties, HomeFlash is a flexible, self-sealing, easy to install product to the DIY market.

Advanced engineering, design and laboratory testing, supplemented by remediation findings, ensures HomeFlash protects sensitive wood structures by capturing and directing moisture outward.

HomeFlash’s integrated design includes an moisture barrier exceeding ASTM testing under the” Installation of Exterior Window, Door and Skylight” standard. Product design, testing and innovation come together to help ensure progressive engineering approval.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

HomeFlash Inc’s advanced manufacturing system marries key components, thus creating a revolutionary sill pan flashing. The results lead to success for builders, distributors, dealers and DIY markets. State-of-the-art manufacturing technology is a cornerstone to product uniformity, versatility and industry approval. A wide selection of both national and international raw product providers ensure cost stability and HomeFlash supply.