Sill Pan Flashing For Home Builders & Architects

HomeFlash is a superior product to traditional membrane systems, which alone, fail to meet building code requirements. 

HomeFlash eliminates dated membrane failures and is tested to perform and meet all 2014 9.7.6 NBC requirements.

See How HomeFlash Stacks Up

If you’re a home builder or an architect,
here are the top things you should know about sill pan flashing:

1. Code legislation states that the sill must be SLOPED for drainage, therefore, old membrane technology simply does not comply.

2. Your shims must not decay.

3. Nailing through the membrane is not permitted.

4. Your membrane must be water-proof.


Most importantly, HomeFlash eliminates mediation or litigation risks to home building businesses and architects by ensuring windows and doors have been installed to meet building requirements. Building it right with Homeflash ensures you have no need to offset the insurance risks of failure to your projects or firm with international membranes for the financial support. By executing construction the right way the first time, businesses can avoid costly repairs and renovations for unsatisfied customers.